Ag Risk Management Services

Farm insights that come from the fields and not just screens

Zaner Ag provides individualized support for your farming operation with a team who learns all about you and your business to create a customized ag marketing solution.

We analyze unique risk profiles and develop customized, margin and capital-efficient strategies to address the needs of a shifting market landscape.

However, rather than just relying on the data that appears on our screens, we get into the fields and speak first-hand with growers like you to understand the factors affecting the markets.

At Zaner Ag we offer:

  • Tailor-made strategies designed for your operation
  • No mass buy/sell targets
  • Work directly with a specialist
  • No commitment/no obligation
  • Straight forward pricing

See what Zaner can do for you and your farming operation. Get started with a free consultation.

Industry experts on your team

Zaner Ag specialists including Ted Seifried appear regularly on leading national and agriculture media outlets including CNBC, Fox Business, AgWeb, RFDTV and other programs.